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Let’s Talk About Food Waste.

One of the dreadful thing to waste is food and more than half of the food produced in Canada is wasted according to the studies. According to the Lori Nikkel of Second Harvest, the Toronto-based group that is working to reduce food wastage  “ We waste more food than we consume.”

Food waste by the statistics :

A whopping 58 per cent of all food produced in Canada — 35.5 million tonnes — is lost or wasted, according to a new report,
and about a third of that wasted food could be "rescued" and sent to communities in need across the country.

According to the research, some 4.82 million tonnes of food, or nearly $21 billion worth,
is lost or wasted during the processing and manufacturing process. Some 2.38 million tonnes of food,
or more than $10 billion worth, is lost at the consumer level.

In total, the value of all food that is lost or wasted in Canada is a staggering $49 billion, the report says.
The amount of food is enough to feed every Canadian for five months, Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel told reporters on Thursday.

The annual cost of avoidable food loss and waste in Canada is $1,766 per household.

Food wastage impacts on environment :

And the waste comes with environmental impacts. Each year, food waste in Canada
creates some 56.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions, according to the report. Food in landfills also creates methane gas,
which is "25 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide,"